Saturday, December 12, 2015

Incident That I Worried the Most has Happened

It's 12th and I am still in Kuala Terengganu.
Yeah, still in Kuala Terengganu.
Was supposed to accompany my mom to K.L.yesterday as she is supposed to fly to China today.
And I will then finish my block leave officially.
But the incident that I worried the most has happened.
My dad was admitted into emergency yesterday morning.
Needless to say, I have cancelled the flight to K.L. and so do my mom, cancelled the flight to China.

My dad's call woke me up at 9.30 a.m.
He was in his office and he called, saying that he wanted us to fetch him to hospital as he felt uncomfortable
I do not have the transportation as my mom was out to saloon.
And unfortunately we could not reach her because her iPhone keep searching for network.
That's the most fucked up error, happened at the most fucked up time.    
My dad then walked down to the clinic, took some medicine and get a referral letter for admission into hospital. Many thanks to his friend, Mr. Tan who sent him to emergency thereafter immediately.
I was prepared to take a cab, to rush to hospital but luckily my mom called in as she saw my SMS. (Luckily the iPhone wasn't that fucked up as it still can receive SMS).

Reached hospital and was informed by Mr. Tan that my dad was suspected for a minor heart attack
We weren't allowed to go into emergency (SOP of the hospital)
But luckily Mrs. Tan came in a little while and after the casual introduction, she just walked into the emergency without any interruptions from any parties (then only I was informed by my mom that Mrs. Tan was a former nurse in the hospital).
She saw my dad, condition is stable and she walked out and comforted us, explained all the readings that she saw in the machine.
Many thanks to Mr. Tan & Mrs. Tan for the kind assistance.

My dad's condition is stable now and he has to stay in the cardiology ward for 5 days (Again, SOP for cardiology patient) for observation. 
Not too worry as he can actually walk, talk, eat & sleep.
But I never expect the incident that I worried the most has happened in the end of 2015.
My dad appeared to be the most healthiest person in my family as he has been taking care of his diet carefully with frequent exercise.
In fact, he did not felt pain in the chest and he was only cold sweating with nausea feel during the time of attack.
So now, it's the time that we have to focus on his health and I pray hard that he can be discharged ASAP after which we shall arrange for a checking in Private Hospital.

Over the years, every time when I come back to K.T. (since working in K.L.), I will realize that my parents are growing old.
I do aware of the possibility of the deterioration in their health condition but I never expect it will happen at this time
Or perhaps I should come back and work in K.T so that I can be nearer to them?
But then how's the new house in K.L.? As every family member is hoping for it's completion.
And how about my career which has just been well established?
Or I should convinced both of them to retire and stay with us in K.L? But this is very unlikely as I understand perfectly the mindset of the old generation in K.T.
Wow, everything is just a question mark now.

Mom was a bit disappointed as she has been expecting and planned for the trip for some times.
Just hope that my reimbursement for her travel fees can fully, if not partly relieve her disappointment.    
As I always said,
I will be able to earn money but I would not be able to earn a family.
Thanks God for not letting the heart attack to happen during my dad's driving journey to his office.
Thanks God for not letting the heart attack to happen after me & mom off to K.L.
Thanks Mr. Tan & Mrs. Tan for all the assistance given.
Thanks my boss, David for his kind concern and advises.
Thanks to all family members and friends for the kind concern.
Thanks to all doctors & nurses for the care given.
Monday, October 19, 2015


It's 8 Now and I Am Not Sure How Long This Can Persist
Birthday Happy
Happy Birthday
Have a Great Tuesday

Sunday, May 10, 2015


As usual
Last night in K.T.
It's the second time back to K.T. this year
Happy Mother's Day to the loved one

Counting down 6 hours
And I hate K.L. and the working place
Things are getting worst and I think it's the time

Nice gathering with parents
Thanks for your love and the great foods
K.T. is still the best place 
With the old drama and old memories

Nice gathering with Wei Loon, Wei Keong, Huang Yao & Pei Ting this time
Thanks for the great time with all kind of sharing

Just realized that there is a hard period
My apology and may everything goes smooth
Please take a great care

Friday, February 27, 2015

Happy CNY 2015

Happy CNY 2015 to everyone that I know and I don't know
Tonight will be my last night in Terengganu, at least for this quarter
And how I wish that I can celebrate my love for you, Tonight

It's a 2 weeks holiday and time is deemed to past very slow this time
Feeling towards CNY is getting diluted and I am not sure whether it's caused by aging
In fact I only got my first Ang Pow in the 3rd day of CNY
And the 1st & 2nd days well utilized - sleeping

As usual
CNY is a good time to gather with family
But it's kinda sad to see them turn older as time passes
Or perhaps this is the so called life cycle
Mom said we will probably have our CNY in KL next year if the new house complete by year end
So let's see how

Got no choice to brought back the company laptop
And I really dislike working during my holiday
And I am scared of going back tomorrow to face the new month
Several appointments lining up, being internal or external
Keep telling myself
Wait for the bonus and if possible another promotion
Yes I am hunger for it

The construction of the new house should be completed soon
Substructure has been completed and I am expecting a full completion by year end
And financial commitment will be increasing thereafter

It was a great feeling on Wednesday night
3 of us, Pei Ting & Shu Fen went to Star Anise but it was closed
And Pei Ting called her Brother in Law who was in the shop
Considering our aggressiveness for a drinking session
We were allowed to go in even though they are closed
Thanks for granting us a private session and the cakes as complimentary

Last night was a memorable night if we dated it back to several years ago
Not sure if tonight would be a sleepable night but I hope it does
Happy CNY to those I have not wish personally