Monday, January 31, 2011


Say Hi to the last night of January 2011. Perhaps I shall prepare to say Hi to the first day of February 2011 as well. Hahaha. Well, so fast, another month has passed. Like it or not, the earth is still turning. The only earth that stays static and not turning is The Earth of Gold.....

For those who are working in KL, tomorrow is a public holiday. I am going back to KT by bus on tomorrow 10 p.m. This time, I am not only bring back some Ba Gua to KT, I am also bring back some viruses to KT. It's called the Virus of Cough. Haizzz, I am wondering why I have such a weak antibody. Still remember last year, during CNY, I was attacked by the same virus and now, for this CNY, it attacked me again. Seriously, there is nothing I can do other than to consume all those fucking pills.....

Today got the first annual bonus from my bank. The amount is not huge but it's really exceeded my expectation. Honestly say, I don't really expect for a bonus because for all these 6 months, I don't really work and earn money for the bank. In fact, I was attending a long period training and I am just using the resources of the bank. They pay for my high salary, lunch, training costs and etc. So even they don't give me annual bonus, I can't really put a blame on them but yet, they paid. Therefore, I should have feel satisfy.....

Just now received a post from my beloved Mr. Fendy. He mentioned that his hometown, Segamat was having a serious flood and he can't even go back to home. He is currently staying in a place set up for flood victims. No matter how, I sincerely pray hard for all the flood victims. May everything recover as soon as possible. Blessing~~~


Great and Safe Journey for Tomorrow

Thursday, January 27, 2011

1/2 Year = 6 Months = 184 Days

Say Hi to the night before Friday. Well, finally the 6th month has come. 1/2 year sounds like very short. For 6 months, it sounds moderately short while 184 days seem like sound quite long. Hmmm, 27th. I think 27th has become such a sensitive date for me regardless it falls on which months.....

Look at the number, 27. For me, 2 is a very nice number, I just love it but 7 doesn't seem to be my favorite number. In fact, I think I have started to hate number 7.....

27th January. A date that I have waited for so long. I thought that 184 days should be enough but yet it's not. The day comes and I just realized that 184 days not even enough to make a Cancer guy's awake.....

Living in the past is not a good sign especially when everyone surrounding you are moving forward. As a human who stay in this unfair world, we shall step by step moving forward. It's a cycle. Perhaps, there are many beautiful dreams waiting for you to discover in every step you move up. However, maybe I can't really put myself into this statement. Perhaps for me, the dreams in the past were much more beautiful and perfect.....

I don't know how long can I sustain my Past Tense Dreamer characteristic. Since 184 days doesn't enough, then what about 365 days??? Or 730 days??? But if 2012 really comes, then I have only 693 days. But what if 693 days also not enough??? Am I going to take the Past Tense Dream and continue to sustain it in another world of dream??? Hmmm, tonight suddenly got a lot of thoughts and questions. Hahaha.....

Whatever it is, 27.01.2011, a walk of sensitive for every 27th. Dream is still continue even though it's a Past Tense Dream.....

Great Dreamer

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Mighty Car - JGA 5268

Say Hi to the night before Monday. This post is for the purpose of record down the happy moment where I spent with Calix and gang.....


I went to Taylor University to meet with Calix, Chloe, Queenie and a new friend called William. We had our dinner in the restaurant used for practical for Taylor's students. It's a simple luxury dinner because there were peoples served us. Dishes for that day were vegetables pie, lamb steak, chocolate cake and etc. That's my first dinner with Calix after Batu Pahat visitation. Quite an enjoyable moment =)

After the dinner session, we had a simple chatting night beside the lake in Taylor. Such a great night view and there were a lot of funny topics being raised out. It's just the feeling was quite weird because I was sitting in the middle of 1 couples and 1-soon-to-be couple. Hmmm, just realized there were many friends already entered into relationship. Many friends are able to celebrating 2011 Valentine's Day. What about me??? I am still standing on the same point. Didn't move at all. Anyway, it's still an enjoyable moment.....

We went to Chloe's house after the session. Basically, we were just have a simple rest before shoot up to Genting. Well, that was the first time I went to Genting together with Calix. The moment where we experienced the cold wind while walking from car park to Starbucks will always remain in my memory. Basically, it's just a simple Starbucks night. Hmmm, Genting Starbucks is always the Starbucks outlet that I love the most. It not only stored coffees, it also stored the most memorable memory for me.....

As usual, we had our coffee, hot chocolates, cakes and a simple chatting night there. The topic for that night was about their love story and I am just a listener. It's kind of special night and then we went back on about 4.30 a.m. and reached Chloe's house at 6 a.m. After that, needless to say, we spend our night at her house.....


We woke up at around 10.30 a.m. After preparation, we went to Mid Valley for our whole day outgoing session. Due to our hungriness, we had our luxury lunch in Tony Roma restaurant. Because we have heard that the meal in Tony Roma was in huge size, so we just ordered 3 meals and shared among 4 of us. But when the foods reached, just realized that it's not as huge as we perceive. By the way, we were still full. I have brought Calix and Chloe to Chili's and Tony Roma. Our next meal will be in T.G.I Friday =)

After the lunch, then came the moment which I have longed for long time. It's our 2 continuous movies movie session. We watched Homecoming first the followed by Great Day. Queenie just joined us for Homecoming because she needs to meet her friend. Well, both were awesome movies. According to Calix, Homecoming is a movie which consisted of a lot of funny scenes and promote positive values while Great Day is a movie where you need to watch by your heart and then you will realized the messages and values. It's just great to watch the movies with friends who were in the same world as me. Feeling has back and it's marvelous. Anyway, after the 2 movies, a lot of memories, feelings and thoughts appeared in my mind. I just feel like..........Hmmm, unexplainable.....

We finished our movie session on 7.15 p.m. Then 3 of us just strolling around in Mid Valley. Plan to shop for something but unfortunately there was no fruitful shopping. When the time reached 8 p.m. we had our prosperous dinner in Manhattan Fish Market Restaurant. We ordered a seafood platter. OMG, the platter was extremely nice. It consisted of herb rice, potato chips, fish, long leg crab, squid and prawn. Didn't really expect that I got a chance to tasted seafood with Calix in K.L. By the way, a special topic arise during our dinner. We plan to have a fishing session in a big ocean. Well, this CNY, I am going to ask my dad regarding the fishing rode and fishing accessories that he sell last time. Don't know whether there is still any stocks left. If yes, going to grab from him and then may we put our dream into realistic. First station - Tasik Kenyir in my lovely hometown. Hahaha, Calix, no worry, I got many holes regarding ships for fishing in Tasik Kenyir. Hopefully the dream comes true and then you can visit to my new home in KT. My mom is always waiting =)

Basically, that's all for the 2 days 1 night tour. Thanks for Calix, Chloe and Queenie for the Great Day. The feeling that I have longed for such a long time have been reached. The rapport between me and Calix is still there and I believed it is always there. I really feel happy that after graduated from MMU, I am still able to keep in touch with this friend even though we were apart. In fact, the times that I meet him is even more than the times I meet my MMU's friends who stayed in KL. Already 7 months I left MMU but within this period, I have meet with Calix 4 times. So, in average, we meet once in 2 months. Pray hard that this situation can be continue. Perhaps, the situation whereby I visit to Batu Pahat or Muar once in 2 months time and he visit KL once in 2 months time will be good. May the friendship keep on continue, blossom and long lasting =)

曾几何时,因为没有钱,因为没有车,我输掉了很多很重要的东西。Calix说,这个世界是很不公平的,当你接触的人越来越多时,你就会发现这个世界多么的不公平。唯一公平的就是每个人都要死。现在的我,钱,我有很多,全部都是靠我自己努力赚回来的。车呢,上两个星期去看了car exhibition。现在在等3月4号,到时如果真的确定被posted在KL工作的话,就肯定会出一辆车,希望一切顺利。钱,可以买得回以前的时间吗???如果可以的话,我会愿意将户口里所有的钱,买回我在MMU的时间。我不贪心,最后两个sem就好。Hmmm, whatever it is, it's impossible. It's just I am still living in the past and reluctant to looking forward. Just to shout something nonsense. Do ignore if readers think that it's nonsense. Hahaha =)

Ooo yaa, as a Lender of Luck, I am disbursing my luck to the someone.....

Great Luck to the Someone

I look old with the formal blazer

The Couple

Starbucks Night

Pina Colada

Our Drinks

Dedicated to those Who Love Pasta

Dedicated to those Who Love Western Foods

Dedicated to those Who Love Foods

Foods of Love

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lender of Luck

Say Hi to the night before Thaipusam. Well, I reached my KL's home at about 11.30 p.m. last night. It's totally worth to went back to KT this time. Really have to thanks to the state government for organized such a grand second "convocation" ceremony for me and most importantly, thanks for the motivation given =)

Yesterday, when the Menteri Besar shake hand with me, he did asked me whether I am study or working. I said I am working in a bank. Yeah, proudly to say, I am working in a bank. I realized that many peoples do envy and look high at those who were able to entered into a bank. Well, for me, I don't think there is any special thing. Basically, it's just a career, an occupation where I need to earn money to support my living. In short, it's just one of the character that appear in my life cycle.....

Well, bank acts as Lender for clients who need financing. Then the bank earned some interest incomes which they charged to clients to compensate for the risk that the bank takes.....

My training will finish on 4th of March and most probably I will be posted as an Credit Executives whereby my job functions are to evaluate, analyze and write credit proposal for those businesses who apply business loan for their business. When attending the credit training, the text book required us to think ourselves as Lender, think of we are lending our own money so that the credit proposals that we write will be in an objective view.....

I would say, in order to be objective in performing my task, I will treat myself as a Lender. However, I would also like to become the Lender of Luck for the someone who might in need of luck.....

To be honest, I have no idea whether the someone need luck or not. The someone might not even need my luck at all and not even bother to borrow luck from me. But yet, I am willing to become the Lender of Luck. No worry, it's all my willingness to lend. There is no any interest rate charged. There is no need to pay interest or principal. It's just based on my own willingness and this blog post is the contract of lending. It only required one signature and that signature comes only from me.....

Interest Rate = 0%
Monthly Installment = 0
Principal = 0
Loan Tenure = Infinity

Great Luck to the Someone

--- Lender of Luck---

Monday, January 17, 2011

Mother's Love

Later 10 p.m. will go back to Kuala Terengganu. I am going back by bus. Not able to join Wei Loon for the flight because today was another first day of my job attachment in HQ and therefore it would be very rush for me if I want to go to airport. By the way, tomorrow night will come back to KL by MAS.....

Just now, after finished working hours, I went to KLCC to buy some Portuguese Egg Tarts for my lovely parents. Portuguese Egg Tart was my parents favorite foods and it is hardly to find in KT. So, I just bought some for their breakfast tomorrow. But then when I just reached home, guess what happen??? My mom called me and asked me what breakfast that I want to have for tomorrow. Hahaha, another coincidence thing. Hmmm, mom is still a mom. She is still the same, always asked me what foods that I want to eat whenever I want to go back KT. Previously when I am going back from Malacca to KT, she will also prepared foods that I like. Now is still the same. Really thanks a lot =)

It has been quite a long time didn't take a long distance bus. Hmmm, the feeling is like.....I also don't know how to say. Hehehe, alone in the bus can provide an opportunity for me to think back a lot of things. It's good also to get back the feeling. Hahaha, just wait and see how later =)

Great and Safe Journey to KT

Friday, January 14, 2011

Kuala Lumpur, Terengganu, Batu Pahat

Say Hi to the day before weekend. Finally I finished the group project and now waiting for presentation. Hopefully, everything will be going smooth for the new year.....

Last night got a tag from Calix in FB. He planned to come to KL for the next Taylor luxury dinner in this coming Friday. Hahaha, talk about this, there was actually a coincident thing happened. Yesterday when I was on my way coming back home, I just planned to tag him in FB and tell him that I planned to have my second visit to Batu Pahat. But then when reached home, on the FB and then I saw his tag. Hahaha, shall I called this a rapport??? Hmmm, it's really a long time didn't experience such a rapport with this best friend after leaved MMU. Again, the feeling has come back =)

I am going back to KT in this coming Monday night to attend a ceremony. It will be a rush because I am going back to KL on Tuesday. Mom called me just now to confirm the time and I did requested her to buy me few packets of keropok. She then asked me which types of keropok that I want, is it the same type as she bought for me to give to Calix last time. Hahaha, can't believe my mom still remembered that. Then I answer yes. It's exactly the same because I am going to give the keropok to Calix also. Hahaha, may the Pang's family can try some keropok during this CNY. If not mistaken, I remembered that his sisters like the keropok that I gave last time very much =)

Since Calix will come to KL this weekend, then I think I might as well postpone my trip to Batu Pahat to a date after CNY. Really can't wait to meet them because I was hunger to watch Tian Tian Hao Tian with them, karaoke and for sure, some great foods. Hahaha, well talk about the movie, can't believe I can't find any friends to accompany me to watch that movie. They just perceive that that type of movie is not worth watching. OMG, I am really speechless. Whatever it is, it is important to get friends from the same world to watch the movie. Only then it will generate a great great feeling. Looking forward to get back the feeling of MBO in Malacca =)

Hope the plan will be going smooth on Friday. May I reach KT safely on Monday. May everyone has a great weekend =)

Great Plan for Friday

Monday, January 10, 2011

世界,要有爱才完美 2

Say Hi to the night of 10.01.2011. The blog post for tonight is titled 世界,要有爱才完美. I still remembered previously I got a blog post which has the same title. That was in 19.12.2009 where I posted it after watch the great movie Avatar. A look back can be link as below.....

Just a short story to share for tonight. Just now I have dinner with my colleagues in Old Town in Times Square. After finish the dinner,then we went to Starbucks to compile our final assignment. I leave Times Square at 9.45 p.m. and walked to the nearby LRT station which was about 10 minutes walking distance from Times Square.....

After I crossed the main road. I was walking in front of a young girl and in front of him was an blind old man. I observed that the old man was using his stick as a support for direction. At once, the old man walked skewed to the right side and going to hit the wall of Pudu Jail. Then the girl hold him and direct him to the correct path. After that I think the girl was in rush because she walked very fast and ahead of the old man.....

Then I took over the helping situation. I didn't hold the old man because I am afraid that he will feel uncomfortable. However, I walked beside him closely and keep on monitor the road in front of us. It's just a straight road and whenever I saw his walking skewed towards right or left, then I hold his arm and direct him to the correct path.....

After that, another guy who walked quite fast has passed both of us. When he noticed about the old man, he straight away hold his arm and keep on guide him along the way. When all of us reached LRT station, the old man was still continue his journey but the guy and me need to take LRT. I heard the guy told the old man to be careful as he need to stop there.....

That's all about the story. Honestly say, for so long I thought that the world has change. Change to become loveless and everyone was so selfish for their own sake of benefits. But tonight, I realized that there are still loves in the world. I don't know whether that's a coincidence situation that happened once in 1001 times (OMG, today is 10.01. Hahaha). But I did saw the love between human in real. Although we can't help everyone in this world, and we don't really guide the old man until he reach his final destination, but at least we offered our help until our limit.....

Great Love in the World

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Say Good Day to Sunday. Well, yesterday was a memorable day. Johnson and Chun Wei came to K.L to shop for some new shirts for CNY. Therefore, Wei Loon and me have a meet with them.....

All of us meet in Times Square at about 12.30 p.m. It has been such a long time all of us didn't meet up. Really feel great for the meet. I really miss them very much. Miss the time when all of studied in MMU, miss the time when we went to have satays, miss the time when we went to Genting and miss the time we shared our heart story.....

We had our lunch in Gasoline. For me, it was really a great lunch. Not because of the foods and indeed the service was sucks. It was great because we have our Kao Pe chatting session, a lot of funny jokes and laughing were there. What I can say is, the feeling has come back.....

Well, talk about feeling. I am a guy who emphasize on feeling very much. I also don't know why. I like to search for feeling. Like to search for the feeling where the people, situation, environment, weather, music, food, topic and everything match with what I want and what is my mood on that time.....

Hmmm, suddenly remembered a sentence that came out from Calix's mouth. That time we walked into U-Center near Ixora to buy somethings. Then he talked about my personality, he said for him, I am the kind of person with some kind of artistic characteristic. I don't really concern about his saying that time. But now when thinking back, I think what he said is true. I am a dreamer, a dreamer who can't stop searching for his true feeling. Perhaps, this type of characteristic is too complicated for some peoples. Whatever it is, I don't want to change. Hehe =)

I spend the whole yesterday in Times Square. Basically, I am just strolling around. Wisely and Quenny also came to joined us yesterday. Johnson and Chun Wei have bought a lot of shirts and for sure, there were a lot of heart stories shared too. We had our dinner together also. Just the bad thing was Wei Loon leave earlier because he got something to do. I was assigned to plan for the next gathering. Therefore, looking forward to meet them again, looking forward for the next feeling.....

Hmmm, all of a sudden, I miss the old time. Don't know when all of us can get back into the old time again??? Hahaha. Few days ago had a steamboat for dinner. The steamboat was sucks. Really miss the feeling when I had the porridge steamboat and crabbie dinner in Melaka with Calix and gang. Miss the time when I have mid night drink with Kap Siao Group also. Well, I think I shall go to Batu Pahat again within this month or next month after CNY and Valentine's Day. Going to contact with Calix and ask him when is him available. Hehe, really can't wait to get back the feeling of crabbie dinner, MBO Cinema and Karaoke session.....

Attached below was a photo where 4 of us took together during the time when we were in Genting. We called it the photo of 4 God of Gamblers. Hahaha. Yesterday, we did took a similar photo where 4 of us patterned again. Just wait for Chun Wei for the upload =)

Pattern Kaki

Ooo yaa, I am falling sick again. As usual, coughing and running nose. It's not that serious compared to the most serious time when I was doing my last 2 semesters in MMU. But currently, I am voiceless. Yesterday, Wisely said that he miss my JJ voice. Hahaha, just wait for me to recover and then I will try my best to sing 她说,我还想她,背对背拥抱,第几个一百天,无尽的思念.....

Going to meet with friends later. See you guys in the next gathering.....

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 First Post - Singapore

Just finished update my daily private blog. Then now it's the time for me to have the first update for 2011 for this Earth of Golds =)

Today is the third day I came back from Singapore. Well, second time traveled to Singapore, it was so happy and yet so sad. Aha. Before I went there, I shouted in my blog "Hopefully after back from Singapore, I can have a new start". But just when the car started to travel to Singapore, matters that appeared in my mind make me wondering whether I am able to have a new start or not. It seems like very hard. Hehe, whatever it is, I am just wondering. Huhuhu.....

The second time travel to Singapore. The same Clarke Quay, the same Mint Ice Cream, the same Esplanade, the same Bossini, the same Giordano, the same Bread Talk, the same City Hall, the same Merlion, the same "Doors are closing" and the same "Please mind the platform gap". Well, everything seems like remained the same. But is it still the same??? In fact, it's not. Hehe.....

Hmmm, for me, Singapore - a city of mystery, a city that was full with memories, a city where I once kept my promise, a city where I miss somebody.....

Finally, 2011 stepped into my life. Everyone seems like have their new vision, mission and resolution, What about me??? To be honest, I am still living in the past. Hmmm, Cancer is still a Cancer, always love past tense. Hehe, whatever la.....

For 2011, I really don't dare to come out with any vision or mission because I am no longer the previous Kim Thor who stayed strong, determined, fearless and burdenless in Melaka. Perhaps, it's enough for me have a simple wish. I just wish that the previous Kim Thor can faster come back and conquer me. Hahaha. Blessing~~~

Photos as below:

Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay

Mint Ice Cream is Still my Preference

Kim Thor

Clarke Quay Again

The God Family

It's Me


A City Where I Once Kept My Promise

A City that Full With Memories

Sky Garden???

Say Great

Choong How + Kim Thor

The Awesome Dessert in MOF

My Green Tea Ice Cream from Hokkaido

Another Great Dessert

Teriyaki Salmon

The Great Rice

Kim Thor + 3 God Sisters

Nice Crabbie Dinner - Dedicated to Those Who Like Foods =)

Specially Dedicated to Calix =)

Dedicated to Those Who Love Foods =)

Slow Head

Salted Egg with Fried Pork Meat

Cooked All the La La Zai and Eat All the La La Zai =)

Choong How + Yan Ni

Looks Familiar???

Kim Thor

Kim Thor Again

The God Sisters

Spectacles + Less

What Pattern is This???

My Cute God Nephew

Me Again

Mavis is Emo + Ing

MRT Station

The Christmas Gift from 2nd God Sister

Merry Christmas???

Ooo yaa, today saw a stupid and fucking guy in Training Center. Guess what??? He pull out about 6 to 7 sheets of tissues from the container in the toilet just to dry his hands. Every time when I want to dry my hand, I will just used the hand dryer and even I took tissue, I will only took 1 sheet and that stupid guy took 6 to 7 sheets. I hate peoples who don't preserve the resources in the world and don't know how to love and sustain the earth!!!!

Great Love to Earth