Tuesday, December 28, 2010

5th Months - Quick Recap of 2010

Say Hi to the 5th months. Tomorrow night will be going to Singapore, to countdown for the new year and to visit my god sisters. Hmmm, year 2010 will be ended in few more days. Time really flies. Aha, looks like I have mentioned this sentence many times in my blog. Don't really like the time which flies so fast but at the same time, hope that it can flies as fast as possible. Don't really know what I want. Perhaps, 2010 is a year which full of memories, both sweet and sour.....

Most probably, this post will be the last post for year 2010. As what I update in 31.12.2009, let me make a quick recap of my first-time activities in year 2010.....

1) First time ride on motorcycle after got my license 5 years ago - Thanks Wei Loon
2) First time experience 初九拜天宫 after living for 23 years - I don't dare to declare myself as a Hokkien
3) First time went to Genting 4 times in a year - Unforgettable memory
4) First time entered into Casino and won some monies - Great experience
5) First time fall so deep and yet, the feeling is still there - I listen to the advice by 张小娴
6) First time went to Singapore - I miss Universal Studio
7) First time went to Batu Pahat - Thanks to Calix and Chloe
8) First time sit in front of the windows and counting down for the rain - I miss the time when I closed the windows and covered myself with handmade blanket
9) First time graduated as a first class degree student - Thanks to parents, lecturers and course mates
10) First time realized that there is only one thing that will last forever in the world, and the thing is called nothing - I was so innocent
11) First time realized that I was a kind hearted person - Welcome
12) First time understand that a wrong timing can caused everything to be turned out wrongly - Do I have another chance which will be in a right timing???
13) First time attended so many job interviews - I got 3 offers
14) First time got a permanent and high paid job - No longer depend on family
15) First time worked in K.L - I don't really like this place
16) First time act so irrational and irritating - Speechless
17) First time stay awake for the whole night to do assignment - I will still do it if I got the chance. No regret
18) First time wear coat - Everyone said I looks like a manager
19) First time using Debit Card - Thanks to my bank
20) First time launched my personal private blog - Got scolded and I realized that it was my fault
21) First time dine in Chili's, T.G.I Friday and Subway - I love foods
22) First time using 2 hand phones - 010 + 017 = 02
23) First time see doctor with medicine charge of RM 90 - Thanks bank for paying for me
24) First time I can't do what I have promised - Refer to statement 16
25) First time experience insomnia for so many nights in a year - I have no regret
26) First time.....
27) First time.....
28) First time.....

Today is 28th of December and I got 28 first-time experiences in 2010. I think it is actually more than 28 and I just record down the 28 memorable one. As you all can see, another 3 first-times from statement 26 - 28 are keep in blank. But do they really blank??? No, they are visible, but in my private blog =)

Previous year, my wish for year 2010 sounded:

I hope the 4 months in the last semester can pass slowly and last longer. I am not the greedy one. How good is it if in the last semester, every normal 1 second can pass as slow as every normal 10 second.....

For the coming 2011:

I wish my family, friends and everyone stay healthy and happy. Please take good care, holding the true value and be the real own. For myself, I wish that I can be the one who was in MMU previously. Weak and yet strong, "do" whatever I like and "don't" whatever I dislike.....

Great Night

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

Say Merry Christmas to all before the Christmas ends in 1 more hour. Well, Christmas was always a memorable festival for me since I joined MMU. In my memory, previous Christmas were celebrated with Calix's group and Kap Siao's group. One year was a More Cafe and Bedtime Stories session while another year was Sibaraku and Treasure Hunt's session. A look-back can be link in below:

Previosuly, celebrations were circulated on cinema and food session. This year, although I have left MMU, but celebration was still about the same, cinema and food =)

Last night, me, Cin Lo, Lim Hwa, Shin Ying, Pin Boon and Katharine out to celebrated Christmas Eve 2010 in 1 Utama. Hmmm, due to the traffic jam, I reached there at almost 8 p.m. and then went to fetch Cin Lo with Lim Hwa.....

We had our dinner in Fish & Co. I ordered a New York Fish and Chip. Wow, that food tasted great. Add together with a simple chatting session, the gathering was just perfect. Looking forward for another Fish & Co. session. Ooo yaa, it has been quite a long time didn't meet with Cin Lo. It's a great opportunity that she joined us. Hahaha =)

After the food session, we were just strolling around and then bought something in Jusco. I had a mangosteen ice cream. Not bad. Ahaha. We bought Christmas hat as well. When the time reached 11.30 p.m, we went to watch a movie called Gulliver's Travel. Hmmm, for me, it's not really a nice movie. Didn't really meet my expectation but can't deny that the movie provided a good value =)

Session finished at 1.30 p.m. and I overnight at Lim Hwa's house.....

Today, woke up quite early because have a teeth treatment session with my dentist. It's the last simple treatment and everything going smooth. Thank Lim Hwa for fetching me. Just wait for my car to arrive next year and then most probably we are going to have more gathering =)

After that, I went to Pavillion to meet with my God Family. Nice to joined them for this year Christmas. Basically, we were taking photos with those Christmas decoration and then went to Starbucks for a hi tea session. I had my Peppermint Mocha and Chicken Finger Sandwiches. Yeah!!!

Well, it's really hard to get a friend to accompany me to Starbucks because most of them perceive that it's a high expense cafe. Feel happy that my God Sis are Starbucks's Kaki. Well, not to say I am rich and like to hang in Starbucks Coffee. But I just like the environment and beverages, especially the one in Genting. Hehe. Now already working, I earned my own income and no longer using family's money. I don't feel guilty for spending my own hard earned money. Well, money was earned in a hard way and I shall spend in a happy way. That's my life =)

A lot of peoples always thought that I am a guy who are prudent in spending. Yeah, can't deny that I was quite prudent during my university life (except my last 2 semesters). Hmmm, it's not that I am prudent. Just wanted to say, I am different with many of you who took study loan. When you take study loan, you only need to take responsibility to yourself. I don't take study loan and all my expenses were covered by my parents. They earned their money in a hard way, I just don't want to simply spend their hard earned money. That's why I study hard during university's life. It's not totally because of myself but it's also because of my responsibility to them as well. Just hope they understand that their money was not wasted in covering my study fees and now it's proven. Everything ended now. I got a permanent job and fixed salary, I can spend my money in whatever way I like and for sure I am not going to forget who raise me up. Just want to say, I am not a Second Generation Joe. I spend what I earned =)

Hmmm, seems like out of topic. Hahaha. Alright, let's continue. After the Pavillion session, I went back to house due to the heavy tiredness. Have a great evening sleep =)

Basically, that's all for my 2010 Christmas. Simple and yet memorable. I am looking forward for 29th December to travel to Singapore for a New Year countdown. It's should be fun =)

Below are some photos for sharing:

My Kola Tonic

Lim Hwa + Kim Thor + Cin Lo

Preparing for Christmas

The Team!!!

The Four

Kim Thor + Cin Lo

Shin Ying + Cin Lo

Last night don't really sleep well in Lim Hwa's house. Got a few dreams. Hmmm, I don't know whether I should feel grateful for the dreams or not. Whatever it is, last wishes to all, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year =)

Great Christmas Night

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

First 2010 Christmas Gift

Say Hi to 21.12.2010. Well, I just update my daily private blog, now update the open blog. Hahaha, seems like it's all about blog. Hmmm, just 2 days ago I mentioned that I am not going to have a frequent update for this blog unless there is any memorable matter, and then the next day, which was yesterday, I got a gift.....

Yesterday morning, when I entered into the lecture hall, then Clover and Emily handed me a surprise Christmas gift. It was my first Christmas gift for this 2010. It was a box contained 2 gifts, a wallet and a belt. Really thanks both of them for the gifts, Thank You very much. I appreciate it a lot.....

Well, I will wear the new belt. But for the wallet, I am not going to use it now and will keep it first. There is nothing wrong with the wallet and in fact, the wallet was nice and great designed. I appreciate whatever gift from my friends. Hmmm, it's just I have a very weird characteristic. When something has followed me for a long time, I feel reluctant to change them even though they were damaged. Exception is when they are really can't be used anymore. Since I was small, whenever there is people say " Hey, your bag (example) has been used for long time already, please change it la." Then I will say, 有些东西用久了,有感情的.....

That's my character. For my old wallet, even though it was highly damaged, but yet I shall say that it still can be used. Just feel reluctant to change it as it has followed me for 6 years. Really got feeling towards it. Not lie.....

I have a Pentel Automatic Pencil too in my pencil box. The head of the pencil was spoiled also, but yet I am still using it. Know why??? Because it has followed me for 8 years. Kim Thor shout out loud: Zhen Yong, I am managed to keep the pencil for 8 years!!! Hahaha. I Still remembered there is one time I left my pencil case in CLC. I was crazily looking for the pencil case, it's actually because of the pencil, other than my expensive financial calculator.

Another thing is my bag which I used in MMU. I remembered I bought the bag with Calix accompany during my 1st year 2nd semester. Wherever I go, I will bring along the bag together and after I have used it for 2.5 years, then it's now spoiled. The damages were serious and that time I am still using it when outing with Wei Loon. I think he remembered that, hahaha. But now, change to Padini executive bad already and yet, the MMU bag is still with me =)

Ooo yaa, today is 12.21.2010. Well, 1221, one-two-two-one, a nice date and I still remember =)

Below are some photos for sharing:

New Wallet

New Belt

New Wallet + New Belt

Old Wallet

Can You Spot the Damages???

This Is More Obvious

Today was a tired day. I have woke up automatically again today at 5.30 a.m. and then can't fall asleep anymore. I think this has became a routine which I hate it very much. Again, didn't concentrate for today's class. Hahaha. Haizzz, Dear God, I sincerely pray hard that you granted a sleep-to-7 a.m. for me. Namoamitabha. Have to sleep after this~

Great Night

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Last Update???

Say Hi to Sunday. Well, yesterday didn't update my blog because I was staying in Lim Hwa house. Actually, yesterday morning I did went to see dentist to follow up for my dental treatment. Everything going smooth. At the evening, I went to meet Lim Hwa and Fong Li in 1 Utama for the purpose of visiting my grandfather at night.....

By the time I reached 1 Utama, it's already 6.30 p.m. and then we went to search for foods for dinner. There were quite a numbers of restaurant but then at last, we walked into a restaurant called New York Deli. Basically, there was western food and I ordered a Latino Chicken Chop, Lim Hwa ordered a Teriyaki Chicken Chop while Fong Li ordered a seafood pizza. My dish tasted not bad but just too salty.....

After that, we headed to my uncle's house in Klang to visit my grandfather. Well, glad to see my grandfather was in a healthy state. Wish him a nice travel to China this Monday. Basically, we just doing nothing there, play with my cousins and accompany my grandfather watch 3 kingdoms. By the way, it was such a great night to gather with relatives =)

We headed back to Lim Hwa's house and reached there at about 12 a.m. Have a meet with Shin Ying, a friend who I have not meet for a long time. Then, together with Pin Boon, 5 of us went to have a drinking session. A great night for me =)

I slept at about 3 a.m. that night. Today woke up at 10 a.m, while waiting for Lim Hwa and Fong Li, I just stayed in front of the computer and online. At about 11.30 a.m, as what I promised, I treated both of them a Dim Sum session as our brunch. Ordered a lot of foods and it was indeed a full brunch for me =)

After that, have the opportunity to watch Social Network. Hmmm, finally I have the chance to watch the 2 hours movie. Well, let me think what to comment about the movie. Alright, the movie was out of my expectation, or shall I say the personality of the FB founder was out of my expectation??? It was a story about business and friendship. I don't know how true is the story of the movie, just feel that the founder was not behave well. Or maybe because he has his own genius thinking and don't really know how to socialize with the others??? I have no idea about that. One thing that I was shocked was he tend to scolded and accused his girlfriend in his blog after her girlfriend broke up with him. Hahaha. And the reason he set up the social network site was partly because of the broke. Hmmm, he did it and now, he was the youngest billionaire in the world. Congratulation!!!

Just now have a dinner with Fong Li's family before they sent me home. Hmmm, thinking back the old time, I think I know Fong Li started from kindergarden. Until now, it was almost 18 years. My memory with her was that we used to help each other when we faced problems during primary school. Until Form 6, she was still my best friend and provided me a lot of supports for whatever activities that I organized in Form 6. The same happened to all the classmates, Fuh Xiong, Tai Koon, Shin Ying, Lim Hwa, Hui Ru, Cin Lo, Pei Ting and all the rest. I will always remembered that you all have assisted me to achieved my dream which was to organize a singing competition and it was great one. Got a call from Pei Li just now and realized that she was in K.L, hopefully we all have the opportunity to meet her. Also, looking forward to meet you all this Chinese New Year...

These few days were happy days for me because it has been a long time didn't meet up with all these old classmates. If Cin Lo can meet us in I Utama that day, then it will be great too. Special thanks to Lim Hwa, Fong Li and Shin Ying for the caring these 2 days. Appreciate it a lot =)

Ooo yaa, after watch the Social Network and listen to the advises provided by Fong Li, I gain some new insights. I think it would be better for me to update my daily blog in a format. Thank Fong Li for the reminder. I have launch a new private blog just now for my daily update. Everything is about the same as this blog except the privacy issue. So is it means that this will be the last blog post or I am going to shut down this current blog??? Definitely not. I am a dreamer and I appreciate all my memories. This blog keep most of the sweet memories in MMU and I will always remember the one who initiated me for writing blog. Not going to have frequent update here. Probably it will be like last time when I used to update it if there is anything which I think is memorable. So, the next update for this blog probably will be on next week, Christmas. Welcome if there is an update =)

I am not a bad guy, I am not crazy, I am not emotional, I am not harming, I am not playful, I am not pervert. I am just a Cancer zodiac guy who true to his own feeling. Thank You.....

Tonight will share the last song and the last movie:

Last Movie - 天天好天

This is a Malaysia's chinese movie.
It has all the same characters as Woo Hoo.
I saw it's advertisement in bus yesterday when headed to I Utama.
Feel that it is nice movie.
It's a movie talk about love between family relationship.
I think She will love this movie.
May She has the chance to watch it when the movie is up.


Last Song - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VvIR9oTZIA - 原唱 - 陶吉吉

I love this song very much when I was in Form 4.
I remembered I once sang this song in karaoke before I left MMU.
That's the first time I sang this song in karaoke.
Is that the last time???
I Don't Know
Thank You

Great Sleep to 7 a.m

Friday, December 17, 2010


Say Hi to the day before weekend. Well, last night's sleep was not really a good one. I am able to fall asleep, but don't know why recently I will always wake up automatically at 5.30 a.m. and I was supposed to sleep until 7 a.m. Then after wake up, cannot continue to sleep anymore. Don't really like this type of situation. My god bro told me that this happen because I am not able to put down all the stress and fully relaxing myself. Well, sound true also, every time when I wake up, the my brain will straight come out with those matter. I need blessing~

Today, after wake up, there was nothing I can do. So just open up the FB. Well, the first post that I saw was attracting me. It's just a simple click inside, then everything were revealed. Hahaha, by the way, I was not shocked because few friends already inform me about that matter. What I seen this morning was just a truth. Aha.....

Hmmm, I don't really know why I will behave like this. Honestly say, the previous Kim Thor was not behave in that manner. Previously, not to say long time ago, just talk about the nearest time during my university life. I enjoy my life every day. Have fun with friends, study with pleasure, sing hard, eat nice, got recognition in Banking & Finance and etc. I can live with myself, stay free, steady, dashing and refined Don't have any stress and I can easily put down whatever sadness matters and don't bother about any problems. But now, it seems like I have lost the foremost steady and dashing characteristic of mine. Don't really smile happily and used to act irrational. Hmmm.....

Why like this??? Calix was my best friend and he knew me very much. When I visit to B.P, I once asked him why I will behave so irrational and this is not really the Kim Thor that he knew. Well, his answer is "Because you have act extremely serious this time and your stubborn has caused that too. However, stubborn is a good thing because it makes you stronger." Perhaps, it's true. Previously, I don't really committed to a high level of seriousness but this time, I used to be committed. I was a rational person for so long but this time, I lose to it. Therefore, stubborn seems don't make me strong and in fact, it makes me weaker. Haha. I also hope that I can get rid off from this behavior but yet, I failed. Since I can't get rid off it, then by as well let it be.....

Today when sitting inside the LRT, an uncle came in from Masjid Jamek station and asked me how to go to Bukit Jalil. Then I informed him that I was going to that station also and asked him to follow me. Then I teach him the way to see the LRT route. He told me that he was from Singapore and that's the first time he took Malaysia LRT. Important point is he praised that Malaysia's LRT is good. OMG, then I just answered him sweatily, I think Singapore's MRT is much more better. Then he said Malaysia's one is not bad too. Hmmm, whatever it is. Let it be and by the way, I did a great thing again =)

Tomorrow will have an outgoing session with my god bro. Then will go and meet Lim Hwa and Fong Li in Sunway. After that will go to visit my grandfather. Hopefully, everything going smooth tomorrow.....

Again, please don't perceive this blog post as an emotional post. In fact, it is not and please don't ever perceive it as a blog to gain sympathy. If those are the purposes, I might as well post it in FB rather than this Earth of Golds. It is just a voice out of whatever my true feeling in my blog. Thank You~

It's Saturday. May everyone has a lovely weekend. So do I. May both of Them enjoy the weekend as well. Blessing~

Song for Today - 无眠 - 原唱 - 苏打绿 (Shared Before)



Great Sleep Well Night


R1. Say Hi to the 16.12.2010. Well, can't believe I really didn't sleep for the whole last night. Hahaha. It's part of Emo night and it's part of study night also. Today's actually got an exam for the last class of Investment Banking. 350 slides need to be finish in 1 night. Hohoho. Luckily, I am still able to conquer the exam.....

Haizzz, sometimes just feel like I am a useless person. Already finish my degree and now still have to attend training, doing nothing while taking high paid salary. Some peoples might see this as a good thing. Well, I shall say you see me good, I see you good =)

Today is a tired day. Can't really write much. This weekend will be full with activities. Sometimes feel lazy even though it is an outgoing activities. By the way, I am a working person, perhaps I shall fully utilize my weekend =)

That's all for tonight. Perhaps, tomorrow will write more =)

Song for Today - 凌晨3点钟 - 原唱 - 张智诚



Great Night

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


15.12.2009 - 星期二,我发现自己原来。。。。。因为某些事情,我失眠了

15.12.2010 - 星期三,我发现自己还是。。。。。因为同类的事,我将失眠




~ I'm O.K ~

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Say Hi to The Earth of Golds. Hmmm, thought that last night would be a sleepless night but luckily still able to fall in sleep. It's just have a nightmare at about 5.30 a.m. and that drag me up from my sleep. Well, not to say it's a nightmare, it's just suddenly feel like got something pull my legs. But actually this is already normal for me and it used to happen once a while. I also don't know why. Maybe sometimes got too many things to think about and that stress has cause that to happen.....

Well, say goodbye to yesterday. It's just some things happen and make me feel so moodless and emo. Talk about today. Today still continue the Investment Banking class and today focus more on bond and mergers and acquisitions. All these things I have learnt before in University. Feel great that I am the degree holder of Banking and Finance from MMU. I learnt a lot of things that others don't get in other universities. By the way, I am not to compared who got more knowledge, I am willing to share my knowledge. It's just suddenly feel proud to be MMU student =)

Another thing is that I feel great to have Mr. KT as my trainer for this few days class. My impression to him is that, he is a trainer which teach seriously and make sure that all the participants understand what he is teaching. Besides, he loves to share his knowledge about CFA. Another crucial point is that, he behave in such a good manner, polite, motiveless and very gentle. Hope that I can be a good friend with him =)

15.12.2010 will comes in 1 more hour. Soon, a lot of festivals will visit. Time flies and so fast, it will get into another new year. Hmmm, it is a good thing for time to flies??? I also don't know. If it's really flies, I wish when I wake up tomorrow, then it will be year 2013. Just feel like want to see what will happen in future, what will change and what still remains. Somehow, I am afraid of encounter all the upcoming festivals, afraid of encounter the new days Why??? I also don't know??? Don't really know what I want. Sometimes, just hope the time can stop moving, I still don't have the preparation to leave all the past tense. It's moving too fast and I can't follow up. Can give me a chance to enjoy a longer enjoyment???

Anyway, just a sudden voice out of my dream. I am a dreamer, a dreamer who dream in his Earth of Golds. By the way, everything is just a dream. It's impossible that time will stop tic tac+ing. Hmmm, may everyone, regardless of those beside me or apart from me, have a happy and healthy life. I appreciate friendship, appreciate memories and appreciate my dream. Readers, trust me, everything I said here is true from my heart. Appreciation of friendship, memories and dreams, I did it. Just a trust and everything will be fine. Blessing~~~

Song for Today - 期待爱 - 原唱 - 林俊杰 + 金莎




Great Appreciation Night for Friendship, Memories and Dreams

Monday, December 13, 2010

Say ~ Not ~ Listen

Hi there. As usual, last night was a sleep well night. Have enough sleep and today was indeed a great class, Introduction to Investment Banking. As you all know, I love investment and therefore, today was paying full attention and learnt a lot of things.....

Got a chance to know a new friend. He is a trainer for the course and holds a Chartered Financial Analyst qualification. I really admire those who hold this qualification because it was very hard to get this qualification. Plan to study for this paper. When??? A couple of years later??? I also don't know.....

Hmmm, don't really have good mood for today, in fact my mood for today was just as same as it's weather, heavily rain. Think a lot of things while lying on bed just now. Realized that the world is full with hypocrite and liar. I am a good guy. I don't do any bad things. I really don't do any bad things!!! But why good luck can't stay long with me and there is always bad luck came upon. Why I can't get the blessing???

Last night have a sleep well night, what about tonight??? I don't think tonight can sleep well. Perhaps it will be a sleepless night. So, that's all for tonight.....

Song for Today - 讲不听 - 原唱 - 光良



Great Sleepless Night

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Great Thing A Day

Say Hi to 12.12.2010. So fast it comes to end of Sunday. Time really flies. Well, last night don't really sleep very well and I am actually slept quite late last night, around 2.30 a.m. I think. The reason was because of updating the blog and also hard to fall asleep when I laid down on the bed. Don't know why there were so many things to think about for last night. But I think should be normal. It happened once in a time. Perhaps it's a great thing =)

Today when to see dentist to do some treatment. Well, dentist expense was really high but luckily bank did covered it for me. Although not cover all, but I only need to pay some and therefore, I should have satisfied.....

After that I went to The Mall to buy my lunch. Just planned to have a simple lunch as the dentist told me not to take hard food first. Ooo yaa, today I did something great again. Guess what??? When I reach the LRT interchange station, Masjid Jamek, a guy from Pakistan asked me the way to go to PWTC and so coincident that I am going to The Mall which located at PWTC LRT station, so I just walk together with him.....

Have a simple chatting with him and realized that he was a holder of Master in mechanical engineering. He did went to Melaka to do a presentation for his paper few days ago. When we reach PWTC LRT station, I am afraid that he can't find his way to the trade center hall, so I just bring him to the hall and then only went to The Mall. After that, a simple shake hand ended the journey.....

Well, I am not praising myself for being generous or praising myself as a good guy. Just want to say that there were many nations in this earth and each of them develop their own communication language. Therefore, it is important that we come out with a global communication medium. What is the medium??? English??? Definitely not. For me, the global communication medium is Respect. If everyone hold this value, I think everyone will stay in peace, helping each other and there will be no war but world is full with love. How good it is if I can do a great thing a day. It should generate a smile for my day =)

Due to the teeth treatment, I went to Pudu for the pork porridge again. Well, there were a lot of peoples today. All were in family outing for dinner purpose except me, have an alone dinner again. Hahaha. Still, the porridge tasted nice. After finish it, then I have a bowl of bitter tea. Hmmm, all of a sudden, I miss Bukit Beruang Pasar Malam. Used to have a bitter tea every Wednesday with Wei Loon them. How good it is if we still have a chance.....

Tomorrow is Sunday. May everyone start the day blissfully. Blessing~~~

Song for Today - 最幸福的事 - 原唱 - 梁文音



Great Night

Once In Love

Say Hi to the new Sunday. As usual, talk about my sleep for last night. Yesterday slept quite late but still, it was a sleep well night. Then today woke up quite early because already familiar with the 7 hours sleeping time. After that, I went to have a breakfast with my god bro before went to visit my god dad =)

Reached my god sis house at 11.30 p.m. Long time didn't see my god dad. Well, glad to see that he is in a healthy life. Basically, just sit at there, accompany him watching movie. Hahaha, we watched the old drama series from Astro, Genghis Khan. After that, at about 2 p.m, we went to have our lunch at the nearby chicken rice shop. It's simple, but yet I feel satisfied =)

After that, my god bro and I went to UKM to fetch his girl friend who are doing research at lab. Have a simple visitation to the lab and get the feeling of chemist who's work was done in chemistry lab. Then we went to have our dinner at a restaurant called Old Man Restaurant. It was a well known chinese restaurant which I always heard my god bro said. Finally today I got the chance to visit it =)

Basically, we ordered 3 dishes. They were Fried Bitter Gourd with Salted Egg, Fried Bean Curd with Crab Meat and Dong Poh Pork Belly. All the dishes were really tasted nice. All the foods in the menu were very special which I don't think can be found in other restaurants. Hahaha, wait next year when I got my car, I shall bring Calix and gang to the restaurant. Don't worry, I am not going to lost the way again, hehehe. By the way, dedicated all the tasty foods to Her. May She have great foods in Her place.....

After the dinner, we went to watch movie, Bruce Lee, My Brother at Pavillion. Well, it's a story about love, a story about friendship; a story about friendship, a story about love. No other comments. Hehehe =)

That's all for a simple update for today. Ooo yaa, it's Sunday already. May He Drive carefully and She reach safely. Enjoy and blessing.....

Some photos for sharing:

Song for Today - 爱过 - 原唱 - FIR



Great Sunday

Friday, December 10, 2010

3 Litres

Say Hi to the coming weekend. Well, last night was indeed a damn sleep well night. I don't even feel tired or feel like want to sleep when attending the briefing in Treasury Department today. It was so different with the normal days where I used to feel asleep during classroom training =)

My god bro just told me that 2 of my god sis who stay in Singapore have bought some red wines to welcome us to Singapore. Hahaha, that's really make me feel like can't wait to go there and meet them. Tomorrow really need to go to exchange for some Singapore currencies. Hehehe, fully utilize my staff benefits which I got from serving a bank =)

Well, what movie to watch for this weekend??? Social Network or Bruce Lee??? Both??? Or watch those movies where I got from friends. Hahaha. I think most probably will watch those in cinema la. Hehehe. Hmmm, just love the feeling of relaxing in the cinema chairs while covering my white and black jacket on my body. That's what I always did during the visitation to MBO Melaka, Am I right, Calix??? Hahaha, whatever it is, it's a kind of enjoyment which I love so much =)

Well, today a colleague asked me that am I drink a lot of water every day. Then I show her my Tupperware bottle. I told her that I drink 3 bottles of the water's volume. 1 bottle is equivalent to 1 litre, so 3 bottles are equivalent to 3 litres. Hahaha. Then she said that it good to consume a plenty of water daily. Hmmm, I think among all my friends, there is only one friend who have observed that I consume a plenty of water daily. That's was Calix and he once warned me that don't drink too much as it might generate some bad effects. 2 litres per day should be enough and he said don't drink too much water during night time. Hmmm, I don't know how true it is. But I already used to this pattern. Hard to change. That's why until now, it's still 3 litres. Hmmm.....

Ooo yaa, today I did something great. I gave a seat to an old man from India in LRT. Not to say how good am I and perhaps, it's just normal for peoples to take this action. But I would like to say, how good it is if everyone can have this attitude. Perhaps, the world will be flood with love, which is a good thing =)

Just now have my dinner in a food court called Chinese Village. Already 5 months in K.L. and I realized that every time when I have food in food court or restaurant, for sure there will have beggars who come and wish for some donations. Also, they like to sit on the floor nearby LRT stations with a small bottle in front of them. Why there are so many beggars in this so called developing country??? It is because of the poor management of government who can't boost the life quality of the citizens??? Or those beggars are just coming out to scam for money??? Or they are just too lazy to work and just hope to get money with an open hands??? I don't know the reason but I just hate to see the same person with the same injured legs sit on the same LRT station with 5 months non-recoverable injury. A scam??? Damn it.....

For whatever reasons, I just hope the quality of life can be improve to a better standard. Pray hard.....

Song for Today - Not going to share a song for tonight. However, I would like to share a movie which I got from Clover. It's called I Love You, Beth Cooper. Just finished watch it just now. It's an old love story movie. Can't really say it's a good movie but I did like some parts of the movie. Share the quote from the last part of the movie which I think is meaningful and makes me warm.....

Beth: Thank You :( ..........For loving me :)

Denis: Why is it not to love :) ???

Denis: Hey Beth, see you through the reunion. If both of us still single, I will marry you :)

Beth: That's the promise :)

Denis: Yeah :)

Great Weekend

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Say Hi to my 10.30 p.m. Well, last night was a sleep well night. Just feel like don't want to wakeup for this morning. It's totally different with my usual woke up. After that, I just realized that it's because of raining. Hahaha. Raining day provides a great sleep and I bet everyone would agree with this statement =)

For those friends who read my blog, you all might realize that I always talk about my sleep for previous night during the 1st opening paragraph. Hmmm, put it in this way. Sleeping is very important for me because that's the only period where I can put my body on rest, avoid myself from thinking whatever matters, to look for my dream, to perform the impossible and to meet with those friend who I hardly to meet. I am afraid of the feeling of insomnia and therefore, whenever I have a sleep well night, I will record down at here as it shows a blessing for me. Almost 5 months I stay in K.L, I think I shall have familiar with the life and it has been a long time I don't experience insomnia, hopefully this is sustainable.....

As usual, just now have an alone-dinner in Pudu and still, I can't run away from the pork meat porridge. Hehehe. Well, I already familiar with having alone-dinner. It sound bored but sometimes it's another kind of enjoyment also because I need not to tolerate with other's time. It provided a personal space for me to think for something and to observe the surrounding.....

Share with you all what I observed just now. The porridge stall was owned by 2 old man. Maybe I shall call them Asterix and Obelix. Hahaha, I am just kidding anyway. Saw a kid who eating his porridge while reading Harry Porter. Saw a cat under my table who use it's leg to scratching it's neck. So cute. Just when I want to take a photo, it walk away. Saw a couple who shared a bowl of porridge and saw an uncle who ordered extra pork meat for his porridge. See??? So many things that can observed. Having an alone-dinner have it's enjoyment just as having dinner with friends. By the way, porridge isn't enough for me, so I bought a take away Ba Zhang =)

Tomorrow will have an introduction in Treasury Department in Head Office. It's great as I can sleep longer. Ooo yaa, the Petronas Chem stock which I planned to buy last time was closed at RM 5.54 today. Looks like it don't really shoot as I predict. Hehehe. Whatever.....

Hmmm, recently got quite a number of movies from my colleagues and housemate. Tomorrow is Friday, may my weekend accompany by those movies and Mamee. Blessing =)

Song for Today - 纯真 - 原唱 - 五月天



Great Dream

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's Wednesday

Happy Wednesday. Well, today was really an extremely tired day for me. I did sleep very early last night and can sleep very well too. Just don't know why it is still a tiring day for me. Again, I fall asleep in class again. Hmmm, can't really blame on me because I did used to have a sleep after a full lunch in Melaka last time. Hahaha, looks like I haven't get myself rid from the previous life.....

I have started to love the job as an Account Relationship Manager. Indeed, it required an analysis skill in order to look into the performance of those commercial customer. Hopefully, I am able to cope with that job after finish the training. Blessing =)

Received a message from Calix just now regarding the confirmation of my visit to Batu Pahat. Hmmm, feel sorry to him because can't give him confirmation yet as I will follow my friends they all for the visitation. Just afraid that they will sudden change the plan as what they usually did. Hehehe.....

Just now took a cup of Korean instant noodles as my dinner. It was a cold rain night just now and slurrrppping of a cup of hot instant noodles was indeed a kind of enjoyment. Also, did not forget Mamee who accompany me for my night.....

Got the copy of Social Network from Helmi last week. Helmi said he downloaded that movie quite a long time already. Just realize that there were a lot of movies do actually come out in cinema in foreign countries since very early. But just after a long time then only it started to play in Malaysia's cinema. If not mistaken, the movie is about the story of Mark Zuckerberg. Quite interested with this young billionaire. Plan to watch it tonight with Mamee but then when play it, just realized that it don't come with subtitle. OMG. When the movie just started, it was already a fast conversation between a guy and a girl. Can't really catch those sentences. Hehe. Perhaps, I shall spend RM 12 in Times Square this weekend =)

Basically, that's all for today. Nothing special, it's just as simple as ABC =)

Song for Today - 一天一万年 - 原唱 - 游鸿明



Great Night

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day and Day

It's time to update my blog. Well, last night was a sleep well night. As usual, just feel like not enough sleep. After the working life got started, I will automatically wake up after 7 hours of sleeping regardless of whether it is holiday or not. Hmmm, still, I miss the life in Ixora. Every morning after wake up, brush my teeth, take my bath, then sit down on the chair and start to look at my Compaq. Such a beautiful life =)

Just now have a meet with Queenie. There was a change for the plan because she went to color her hair with her friend. In the end, I only meet her up on 5 p.m. in Times Square and it was just an 1 hour meet.....

Have a nice chat with her. Glad that she is willing to share her story. Also, would like to thank her for her advise. Well, Queenie, Sometimes peoples were just living in an environment where they can't even control the surrounding and themselves. Therefore, sometimes it would just as good to let it be. This is the survival mechanism. Readers, am I right??? Whatever it is, I am still try my best to cope with the so called new environment =)

After that session, I went to meet my god bro and Eizan in The Mall. Have the opportunity to know 2 new friends, Han and Michelle. All are musician and photography kaki. Hahaha. Both of the new friends were very friendly, glad to know them =)

Just now saw the comments that Wei Loon leave in my previous update. It has been such a long didn't get his comment. Whatever it is, great to see he is coming back to blogspot. His comments just make me reflect back the old time because last time, whenever I have update, for sure he will come and leave some words =)

Tonight going to sleep earlier. Promise myself, god bro and mum that I am going to have an healthy life start from today. Honey, fruits and vitamin should be a must for my daily life. Hopefully, a healthy life will contribute a happy life for me =)

Song for Today - 她说 - 原唱 - 林俊杰



Great Night

Monday, December 6, 2010


Say Yeah to the night before a public holiday. Well, today was a tired day for me because last night don't actually sleep very well. Not to say not well, it's just because of a weird dream whereby an old Malay man open my room's door. Then the dream woke me up on 5 a.m. After that, I can't really continue my sleep. Hmmm.....

Today's class was risk analysis class. An interesting class but I don't really concentrate well after the lunch session. It's just tiring. Feel so sorry to the trainer who was so keen in putting us as professional credit analysts. Anyway, still got 3 more days to go and hopefully, I won't disappointed him again.....

Today saw my colleague, Arz who sit beside me having once a month stomach ache. OMG, she was really suffering. I can see tears keep on coming out from her eyes and her pair of eyes were turning black. The one who always joking with me turned quiet today. Even I don't experience that but since I was small, I did knew that women will suffer much during that period because every time when my mom experienced that, she will feel very dizzy, energy-less and just laying on bed. Every time when I saw her like that, I just feel pity to her and then I will stop making noise in house. Guys, whenever your girlfriend experience that, remember to take good care of her. She need you during that time.....

Just now have my dinner at McD. Don't know what happen to those fast food restaurants. I did went to few fast food restaurants in different locations in these 2 days and every time when I entered into, there were crowded with peoples. Just now also the same, I queue for 20 minutes to get my fillet-o-fish.Hmmm.....

Today is the 3rd day after reactivation of MSN and FB. Chat with a lot of peoples in MSN just now. Well, see a lot of friends change their profile picture and posted different shout outs in their wall. Haha. FB now should have became a need for peoples to express their feeling and socialize with peoples surrounding. Hehe. Just like I have my daily update for my Earth of Golds. It's all about expression =)

Tomorrow morning will go for a dentist session because I would like to utilize the RM 400 employee benefits set for dentist as the year is coming to an end soon. After that will go to KLCC to meet with Queenie. Basically, it should be food and cinema session. See how tomorrow.....

Ooo yaa, it's holiday. May You enjoy your tomorrow. Blessing.....

Song for Today - 爱错 - 原唱 - 王力宏



Great Holiday

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dream for a Dreamer

Say Hi to the night before hectic day. Hehe. Luckily this Tuesday is a holiday. Ooo yaa, going to meet Queenie in KLCC this Tuesday. Quite a long time didn't meet her even though we have been in KL for few months. Haha. Hopefully, the plan is on.....

Today was a simple day for me. For this weekend, I didn't follow my god bro to visit my god dad. Just stay at home reading the text books and continue doing the assignment. I hope my god dad is doing fine there.

Just now went to Jusco to look for some Honey and also to take a lunch there. Plan to take lunch at McD but there was so many peoples there. Plan to shift to KFC but KFC was even more crowded. In the end, I end up have my lunch at the food court. Have a chance to eat Takoyaki. Hahaha. The 3 pieces Takoyaki really make me think back the old times when I hang out with Wei Loon, Lian Jie and De Kai in Jusco, Melaka. Just remembered that Wei Loon likes the food very much. I even still remembered that there was once upon a time, we went into Sushi King for some simple sushi, he ordered the Takoyaki and then claimed that Sushi King's Takoyaki taste bad. Hahaha. Those days.....

Talk about Honey. Well, I am still the same, everyday still consume a glass of Honey when I wake up. Unfortunately, just now not able to get the brand which I bought every time. I think Jusco is out of stock for that particular Honey. Nothing can do, I just bought another brand. By the way, Honey is good for health. It is highly recommended to all my friends =)

Just now have a chat with Wei Loon in MSN. A nice chatting with him and a lot of old memories being recalled back. We are the same, when stay alone or feel boring, our brain will automatic generate those old memories. Whatever it is, just frame all those memories and when we are free, take it out and try to find back the old feeling. It should be another kind of enjoyment. Hahaha. Remember, don't make it happen, just let it happen.

Basically, that's my life for today. Simple and boring but I am satisfied. Ooo yaa, just now my brother has send me my passport. Hahaha. This Tuesday will go KLCC exchange some Singapore Dollar. Kim Thor shout out loud: Singapore, Wait For Me!!!

Song for Today - Just A Dream - Singer - Jason Chen and Joseph Vincent

I Was Thinking About Her
Thinking About Me
Thinking About Us
What We Gonna Be
Open My Eyes
It Was Only Just A Dream
If You Ever Love Somebody
Put Your Hands Up

Can't Deny That
Every Things Was Just A Dream
Because I Am A Dreamer
A Dreamer Who Put His Hands Up

Great Dream

Saturday, December 4, 2010


It's 11 p.m. again. Aha. Last night cannot update blog because overnight at training center hotel. Well, talk about yesterday, yesterday morning, the bank organized an associates conference for us and the conference was hold by total of 5 speakers which have many years of experience in leading those big corporation. It's a good opportunity to attend the conference and I believed all of us should have develop a skill to become an effective leader.....

At the night time, it was the Associates Graduation dinner for our dinner in previous badge. It was a great dinner as the Group Managing Director has attended the dinner. This has given us a motivating courage to strive towards excellent.....

I have a chance to knew a senior from FSTEP program, Chin because I was assigned to share the room with him. Well, he was really a nice guy and I really feel very grateful to knew him as he teach me a lot of of knowledge in future's index investment. We have almost 3 hours chatting in our room. He also shared with me his life when studied in Australia. It's really an awesome night =)

Well, working in K.L. indeed has it's pros and cons. Honestly say, the pros are that I have the chance to know a lot of peoples from different background, I willing to learn from them and develop a life long learning, I realized that I am just a small piece in the world and there are still a lot of things to learn if want to success. CGPA of 3.83 was equivalent to nothing. Cons are the environment here is sucks and life is hectic.....

After chatting with him, I planned to study hard for my CCP and Omega professional paper. If I am able to pass the exam, I plan to get the stock broker or futures broker license. After collecting enough money, I plan to pursuing my study in Australia. Part time working + part time study + Australia's environment would be an enjoyable days for me. I am a dreamer, keeping myself with this dream =)

Give me some times. Hopefully, the day when I success will be the day that I am able to buy back the time that I have missed and continue pursuing the thing that I have lost. I am still keeping the promise.....

Today's morning, we went to accomplish our corporate social responsibility. My group went to Hospital Serdang and we have a meet with kids who were suffering disease and hospitalized. Well, as I mentioned in previous update, I am in charged for the origami activities. However, there were not much kids there and I only able to teach few of them to fold the fighter jet and ship. Therefore, I am just folding those stuffs myself and then give to them.....

I am really suffer a hard feeling when saw those kids and babies suffering disease and laid on their beds. Got to knew 1 boy who was hospitalized because of child abuse. OMG, can't really believe there were peoples who will beat a child who looks so cute and smart. There is nothing that I can do. Basically, I am just try my best, play with them and bring them fun and joy. I sincerely pray hard that they recover fast from their sickness and injury. Blessing.....

Today 04.12.2010, the day I reactivate back my old MSN and FB. A friend asked me in MSN why am I willing to reactivate back all those social networking stuffs. I don't really know how to answer. Hmmm, I think recently I am able to enjoy sleep well nights. Thing has became static and it's hardly to change. I just want to say that I am a good guy. I don't do any bad things. I am true to myself, true to my own feeling and keep my own promise. I don't know what will happen in future. Perhaps just give some times to myself. I can't change the world but maybe in future, environment will change it. Nobody knows what will happen right??? Whatever it is, 04.12.2010, a memorable day. All the best and congratulation!!!

Just now chat with Adeline and realized that MMU has started the mid sem break. Wish all my best friends in MMU an enjoyable holiday. Take good care =)

Below of some photos for sharing:

Photo with Group Managing Director

Red and White

My Room - Valentine's Room

He Got a Pair of Big Eyes

Song for Today - I am sorry to say that today's line a bit lag and I can't access to Youtube. So, just wait tomorrow =)

Great Night

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Hi there. Today have an early update because feel quite tired. Last night indeed was a sleep well night. It's just because sleep quite late on last night and so tiredness has come to visit. Hmmm, tomorrow is not a working day for me. It will be a conference day and night time will be Associates Dinner night. Hopefully it will an enjoyable day =)

After the dinner, then all of us will stay in Bangi Training Center Hotel for a night. The next day, which is Saturday, we will accomplish our corporate social responsibility which is to visit the orphanage in hospital. I have been assigned to Hospital Serdang. There are a lot of activities, story telling, coloring, origami, educational games and so forth. I am the leader for origami activity and tomorrow I will teach all those kids to fold a special fighter jet. I just log in to friendster to take the photo below. It's origami!!! I will teach the kids to fold the jet as shown in below photo which is in white color in the middle =)

Well, talk about the photo. I think that time was having a midnight session with Calix in McD. Can't really remember who else joined. Seems like Tyan2. Queenie seems got joined too. Or Shery or Ee Hue??? Haha. Don't know. However, that's not important. Important thing is we were crazily into Origami by using McD Brochures. Hahaha. That was happened during my second year if not mistaken. The most happy period in University and I miss it =)

Just now had a dinner with Wei Loon at Pudu. Saw a long lost friend, Jie Yee. Hahaha. Have a nice chatting session with her. Glad to know that she got boyfriend already. Or shall I say, a friendly boyfriend. Aha. See??? Another friend who entered into relationship. Hahaha. But just now she was careless. Haha. Guess what??? When she introduce the guy, she said "This is my friend, Mr. Ng". Then when the Mr. Ng went to order food, then only I ask her and she just admit it. Hahaha. Haiyoo, girl, if that's your boyfriend, then should proudly introduce as boyfriend. Just like when your boyfriend proudly introduce you as her girlfriend, for sure you will feel happy. Am I right??? Hahahaha. Make him happy la. By the way, I am just saying la. Maybe they got their reason. Who know. Whatever it is, blessing =)

Well, another week will pass soon. Friday will come in 2 more hour. May He drive carefully and You reach safely. Enjoy the nice weekend. Blessing.....

Song for Today - You and Me - Singer - Olivia Ong

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane
Things Have Change
One Thing Remains
That They Will Always Have Each Other
An Even Though Those Days Have Gone
They Know Here Is Where They Belong
There's Some Kind of Magic In The Air
Feel The Warmth
The Only Summer Breezes Can Bring
Sweet Little Notes of Spring Begin

You And Me
You Stand On Line A
I Stand On Line B
And Both Line A and Line B Are Parallel Lines
No Intersection
Thank You

Great Night

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Taste of Love

A hello to the 1st day of December. Last night was able to sleep very well. Thank you very much. Ooo yaa, just in the previous update, I mentioned that it has been a long time I don't remember any of my dream, and then today when woke up, I realized that I have a dream last night and the dream was indeed a weird dream.....

Actually, my best buddy, Calix appeared in the dream. However, it was really weird because in the dream, it seems like I have did something bad to him. Then he called to me and ask me whether I have betray him and me, without hesitation, straight away answer him Yes. Haha. Then he was very angry and hang up the phone. Hmmm, it has been a long time I don't see Calix in my dream. I think the dream happened because yesterday, when I was having my dinner, Calix SMS me and told me that he bought an iPhone4. Hahaha and the dream is related to phone also. So shall I say it is related??? Hahaha. However, for whatever so reason, I won't betray him =)

Today, my colleague told me that she has tag a photo of me in FB and the photo was that I am sleeping while doing CA. So, just now, for the very 1st time I log in to FB. Hahaha. Luckily the photo was not ugly and there were many colleagues been taken sleeping photo as well. Anyway, can't believe that just a short period didn't log in to FB, then just now saw in my wall that many friends have announced that they have entered into relationship. Hmmm, looks like this year is a good year. Perhaps next year, 2011 will be another happiness year for the couple too because if see in separation, 11 means a couple is holding hands and in a relationship while 20 means the couple has get married. Wow, how creative am I. Ahaha. May all the couples can hold their hands and walk till the end.....

1st of December, World Aids Day. Just now saw few articles in newspaper and all were actually urged those who involve in sexual relationship to do some safety and prevention step. There were few comments leaved by public. One sound like this. "It's just hard to take safe and prevention step when your girl was freaking hot" and another one sound as "There was less sensation when you are using condom". It's sound a bit funny but for those who ever want to enter into sexual relationship, remember to take safety and prevention steps especially when you don't really know well about your partner. It's not only a matter about pregnancy but also about disease. Some more, HIV can infect baby in pregnant also. So dear friends, please don't blow your future =)

Just now have a birthday celebration for my colleague. Then I have a chance to chat with another colleague from another program. He is from Muar and I did know him long time already but only today we have chance to chit chat. After the nice chatting session, I told him that in future, I believe both of us can be very close friend and he told me that he sense that too. He said that for the first time he meet me, he feel that I was special and have the kind of artist's characteristic where I prefer to drunk in my own world and won't care of what others think about me. For the second time I meet him, he already asked me am I a guitarist or a singer. Hmmm, for me, I would say that he really know how to see people because he can see my personality clearly. Sometimes, I just feel that I can really get well along with Muarian. Hmmm, the one who appeared in my dream last night is one. Aha. Just feel that I have the same thinking with them. I miss Muar!!! Wait for my car.....

Hohoho. That's all for today. I am really tired enough. Goodbye my Earth of Golds. See you tomorrow.....

Song for Today - 爱情余味 - 原唱 - 张信哲



Taste of Love

Great Night

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Happy last day for November to all. Again, last night was a sleep well night. Hehehe. It has been quite a long time I don't really remember my dream during the night. Hmmm, hope tonight can have a sweet dream.....

Today's attachment was a briefing conducted by a Head of Department. After finished the briefing, she assigned us into 3 groups and assigned us a group assignment. We have 3 hours to complete the assignment. Basically, we need to brainstorm and generate ideas for marketing strategies. I am glad to say that our group's ideas and presentation earned a good response from her. I am also glad that I have suggested a gift which was quite useful to the plan. It's just come out in my mind all of a sudden. I shall say Thank You.....

After that, we continue our session with another senior. He shared with us some experiences about life. Well, different peoples have different perceptions and needs for their life. Some willing to jump aeroplane in other countries, some willing to remains single, some willing to work, collect money, travel and when money finish, then work, collect money and travel again.....

Hmmm, I think for me, because I have parents to be take care to, so sometimes I really can't do what I really like to do. If I am a single man without any burden, perhaps I have really choose to work, collect money, travel and then work, collect money and travel again. The life like this would be as simple as ABC. It's just nice. Whatever it is, there are boundary for my freedom. As the son for my parents, I still hold the responsibility to them. Just see how in future. Maybe after few years my networth increase to million and then I will imigrate to Australia with my parents. Hahahaha. Who know??? Nothing is impossible.....

Ooo yaa, finally I believe the sentence, nothing is impossible. Why??? Because there were previous matters which I think is impossible has now turned out to be possible. So, I am really should absorb from the experience. Learn from the past =)

Tomorrow going to learn about trade's system. Hopefully, it is an interesting class =)

Song for Today - 镇守爱情 - 动力火车



Great Night

Monday, November 29, 2010

I Can't Fly Together With Time

Here comes to the time to update blog. Aha. Yesterday can sleep very well and today don't really feel to wake up. Hahaha. Suddenly, I miss the time when I was in Ixora. That time, if don't have 8 a.m. class, then normally can sleep until 10 p.m. What a great life is that, hehehe =)

Today was the first day attachment in Trade Center in Head Office. Basically, we just sit inside the conference room and listen to the briefing given by our supervisor. Feel very great because it helps me to recap what I have learnt before in Bangi. The overall learning process for today was quite relaxing =)

My god bro just told me that the next month for today will be the day we visit to Singapore. Miss the time when I visit to Singapore with Kap Siao group. Hope that I can have the chance to meet with friends who currently work in there. Also, looking forward to see the 2 cute kids, Brian and Mavis =)

Recently keep on heard that peoples surrounding me said that time flies. So fast, it comes almost to the year end already. Few festivals are coming soon, Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day. So fast, another year going to pass. Think deeply, many things happened in this year. 4 times visitation to Genting, 2 times visitation to Singapore if consider the coming tour, 1 time visitation to Batu Pahat, very first time stage performance after couple of years, graduation, working and so forth. Hmmm, continue walking on the path of life.....

Basically, that's all for today. Didn't expect that today's feeling was actually quite good. I thought it would be grey day for me. How good is it if the feeling can continue sustain. Pray hard.....

Song for Today - 千年泪 - 原唱 - Tank




Great Night

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Second Update for Today

This is the second update for today. Well, looks like updating of blog has become a must daily activity for me. Hahaha. Hmmm, what about talk about my blog.....

Previously, during my university life, I am actually seldom update my blog. Why??? Perhaps, it's because of busy life, because of laziness, and because I only update it when there are memorable and happy story. But now came to K.L, the Earth of Golds has became the only place that I can shout out all my feelings and expressions. Whenever there were happy times or sad times, I will write down all in this blog. An update a day really makes my life comfortable. It should have became a task for me before I sleep. The blog is true and real as it shows all the true emotions about myself. I feel that my life is full with this blog.....

Nowadays, I think those who came consistently to my blog should be Kexin and Fuh Xiong only. Hehehe. I think there were not much readers visit my blog as compared to last time because there were no more comments. Hehehe. This might because previously when everyone were in University, we were all free but now all working already, so busy-ness might not allow us to do so. For example, my bro, Wei Loon seems like has stop blogging. Aha.....

Also, I like to share a song a day. The song that I first shared was 一生中最爱. It was so nice until I just can't don't share it. Hahaha. I love to share those songs which I think have a great lyrics and music. If you all realized, I will always paste the part of lyrics which I think is meaningful. Then I will add some own composed sentences to it. It might sound like very emotional but I just like to try and create some meaningful sentence. I will feel satisfy when I am able to create a meaningful sentence. Aha =)

I got the text book for CCP already. Started from tomorrow, I shall arrange my daily timetable as working, studying, drama and update blog. I think my life shall be full with these arrangement. Just hope that I can, for the best, make my life now just as similar in MMU. The previous life was just as simple as ABC =)

Just now have a dinner in KFC. Ordered a snack plate and cheesy wedges. Hahaha. Can't run away from the cheesy food whenever I walk into the restaurant. By the way, a simple dinner just now trigger my old memories when I had KFC dinner with Kap Siao Group. Miss them a lot.....

Tomorrow is Monday and I will have a job attachment in Head Office again. It's great because I can sleep longer. Hahaha. Anyway, all the best to all for the 5 weekdays started from tomorrow =)

Song for Today - 假如 - 原唱 - 信乐团



Great Cold Rain Night