Saturday, May 30, 2009

Islamic Banking and Investment Events

Islamic Banking & Finance : Armageddon For Novus Ordo Seclorum

Investment : Renaissance of The Souk

Well, the event has passed for almost 1 month only I have the time to make an update progress. Hahaha. Alright, lets talk about the event. This is actually two events running on the same objectives and venues. Is a alliance between Islamic Banking & Finance and Investment students. It was aimed at promoting the use of gold dinar as the medium of exchange for the world and substitute the fiat money.....

Both the events run for 2 days in Dataran Pahlawan. For the Islamic Banking event, it hold a seminar and also some decoration board regarding the issues of our theme. For the Investment event, it does hold a bazaar space for peoples to make some purchase.....

I think photos below would provide a well explaination. Hahaha.....

Arrival of V.I.P

The Crowd

The Crowd

Decoration Board

Explaination to Audiences

Pretty and Handsome M.C

My Group

My Group's Decoration Board

My Group's Innovation

My Innovation

My Group's Idea

Paper Money Has Become No Value

Peggie's Group

Wei Loon's Group

Seng Tat's Group

Mee Chin's Group

Stella's Group

Kok Meng's Group

Sing Yuan's Group

Vincent's Group

Wai Lok's Group

Shiang Shen + Peggie + Kim Thor

Wei Loon + Kim Thor Act Bodoh

A Hold of Gold Dinar

The Team

Kim Thor

Adeline + Kim Thor

The Four

Drama Division
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Islamic Banking & Finance:
Investment :

Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Longest Fingernail

Finally, the longest fingernail that I ever kept broke on today. Hehehe, actually it is already my expectation. I expect that it will broke during IBF event, but it just say goodbye to me two weeks after the event. Hahaha.....

Many peoples raised a question of why am I would keep the fingernail until it became so long. To answer, actually I am not purposely to keep the fingernail, is just I didn't cut it and didn't expect that it will became so long because normally it will broke automatically when it reached about half of the length of my this time longest fingernail.....



Special thanks to Tyan2 who helped me to silver colored the fingernail. Going to start my internship next month, so shall I say that it is good for it to broken??? Hahaha.....
Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Special Day with Special Mom

Past Friday, 08.05.2009, mom’s company has organized a 3 days 2 night trip to Malacca. Thus, it would be impossible that I don’t meet her. Hehe. Their bus passed through Ayer Keroh and they came to fetch me and then we headed to Hallmark Hotel. Also, feel sorry to all in the bus because they wasted 30 minutes in order to fetch me since they can’t find MMU.....

During that night, I bring mom and her colleagues to Jonker Walk. We had a Chicken Rice Ball dinner there before we start the “walking” journey. As usual, I don’t purchase anything except those junk foods, Takoyaki and Siu Mai. Hehe. Mom does purchased some key chains and local products. Also, I was shocked when my mom, within 1 hour, she had a Cincau drink, a Cendol and a Cikung drink. Please take care of your diabetes, mom.....

The next day, all the Kurnia Insurance’s staff went to Dataran Pahlawan, Water World and Safari World. However, I am not managed to follow because need to prepare for my final exam. Thus, I study alone in the hotel. At night, we have a special dinner in a restaurant next to the hotel. Our special meals were pineapple rice. Quite special and it really tasted nice. Hehehe. After that, I was again requested by mom to have a “walking” journey in Jonker Walk. Still, I have enjoyed my junk foods while my mom do purchased some souvenirs.....

Water Apple
Special thanks to my lovely mom who purposely purchased my favourite water apple (jambu air) for me. I did finished 1 kg of the juicy fruits within 2 days.....
Sunday, May 3, 2009


Finally, the Islamic Banking and Investment events have finished and I have some free time to update my blog. This update is purposely to keep in memory of what happened on 13.04.2009, that is the 1 day earlier celebration of Chun Yien's birthday.

That night, we went to a noodle shop and enjoy a Taiwanese Ramen. After that headed to Go Go Karaoke for a 2 hours self organized concert. But that was an unfortunate Go Go night because the room that we get have a lousy sound system. Anyway, we were still enjoyed.

Well, talk about Chun Yien, if not mistaken, I get to know her during BOB tutorial class. That time we were in the same group and we have strive a lot of achievement such as solve a games puzzle and also a wonderful presentation which gain a good response from Madam Norhaiza. After that we do join in a same group for some other course. Think back the time, it was almost 9 months.

Chun Yien + Kim Thor

Kim Thor + Seng Tat

The Three


The Team

Hmmm, talk about Chun Yien, if not mistaken, I got to know her during BOB tutorial class. That time we were in the same group and our group has strive a lot of achievement such as solve a game puzzle and also a wonderful presentation which gain a good response from Madam Norhaiza. After that we do join in a same group for some other course. Think back the time, it was around 9 months.

However, during the 2 tremendous events begin from 1st of May, I have did something that put us in a conflict. Perhaps I was too stressed and some more do not have a sufficient sleep. Also, myself have some bad temper. That day I was accidentally, shall I said 'scolded' her. The case is like this, I was handling the catering for the event, and I have, many times instructed that the entry door to be keep on open so that I am able to walk in-out to arrange the VIP's table and let the cool air-cond's air coming out so that the audiences do not feel hot while enjoy the lunch. Some more our audiences comprised mainly of older class citizens. After that Chun Yien and Ivan come and duty on the area and once again the door was closed. I don't realized that they were just came and don't know that I have instructed the door should be keep open. Then, my hot temper and stress level together contribute to the 'scolded' incident. Five minutes later, after I was cool down and realizing my fault, I went there for an informal apologize but she ignored me. Regret!!!

That conflict ended yesterday after the event finished when I apologized to her through SMS. Actually I plan to formally face to face apologized but afraid that she will ignore me again. Perhaps SMS is the best way. Fortunately, she reply and give a forgiveness. Well, still remember there was one time when she angry with one friend, I saw her very emotional and then I told her that her EQ very low. But it seems that my EQ also not that high, might even lower than anyone. Although there was already an apologize and forgive, but no wonder how, after the incident, the friendship, in reality has changed. It won't be the same friendship anymore as before the incident. The word that I have said can't be pulling back. When hurt somebody, sorry is useless but I can really do nothing except say sorry.

Anyway, story regarding the two events will be updated in few more days times after I got the photos.....