Thursday, April 2, 2009


Last night, together with Calix, Shery and Tyan2, we went to watch a movie "Knowing" performed by one of my favourite actors, Nicolas Cage.....

Knowing is basically a movie which talk about the prediction of future disaster in the world through a series of numbers. The numbers was written by a mysterious girl and was put in a time capsule ranging for 50 years as a dedication ceremony for a new elementary school. After 50 years, the letter which contains the numbers ends up in the hands of the hero.....

The hero then discovers the way to use the numbers to predict the future disaster. However, he is not able to prevent on those disasters. The last disaster is the end of world disaster. In the end, the disaster still happen and everyone were not able to escape. There were only 1 small hero and small heroin survive because they were rescued by, I might say Alien perhaps, hehehe. Both of the 2 young kids were the chosen one and they were brought to a new world for the continuance of human population. Somehow, it sound like the story in bible, hahaha.....

Anyway, the movie does raised few questions for me as well as the audiences I think.....

1. Who will you be with when you realize the coming of the end of world???

2. Is it good for us to have the ability to predict the happening of future events???

3. How will you feel if you have the ability to predict a future disaster but are unable to prevent it???

4. How are you going to protect the one you love???

5. Due to the many actions commit by the human population today, will it really lead to the end of world disaster??? If yes, when will it be??? Is there any way to prevent???


Can You Make A Prediction???